Private Dog Training

Fort Wayne / Spencerville – Northeast Indiana

Judy and Margery are available for private dog training sessions in your home and other locations to work on obedience and manners, and/or specific behavior problems. 

Basic Session Cost:   $55 (1 hour) plus mileage (.50/mile round trip from our location to yours)

Please note:  For certain serious behavior problems, as determined by the trainer, the Basic Session Cost is $65 (1 hour)

For Details, Questions and Scheduling

Contact Margery at (260) 452-9185 or, or Judy at (260) 438-1384 or for more details or to schedule a session (we are located in the Northeast Indiana area).

Private Dog Training – Margery

Dog Training - Heeling with Joni and Eddie

Private Dog Training – Judy

Dog Training - Heeling with Kat